Late October 8th many people were woken from a dead sleep with the smell of smoke, someone banging on their door or actual flames engulfing their home or neighbors homes. Over the next few days 5800 structures were destroyed, businesses and jobs lost, people fleeing to shelters or family or friends homes and some lives were lost.

This is a night we were all changed forever!!

The community has rallied to pitch in and help anyway they can. It has been one of the strongest efforts by so many. No one that lives here now or calls this their home town from early years have not been scarred in some way.

December 15th I am proud to be part of an event to give joy to kids by offering a free night of skating, a visit from Santa, craft room, puppet shows and presents and gift cards to all.

Help support Holiday for SANTA Rosa by purchasing this glass ornament for $20, or call to help donate.

Have a safe and healthy holiday, you can help make a difference

Nancy Rosenblum 707-829-1496