Tubbs Fire


Late October 8th many people were woken from a dead sleep with the smell of smoke, someone banging on their door or actual flames engulfing their home or neighbors homes. Over the next few days 5800 structures were destroyed, businesses and jobs lost, people fleeing to shelters or family or friends homes and some lives were lost.

This is a night we were all changed forever!!

California Wildfires

Pisces Productions sends our best wishes to all of those affected by the many fires burning in California. Our production facility / showroom is located in Sonoma County where some of the worst devastation from the fires occured. All of our employees were lucky enough to still have there homes, but all of us have family and or friends who have lost everything. The one bright spot in this disaster is the way the community has banded together, there are countless heart warming stories of people helping strangers in any way they can.

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