Personal Spa Stones

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Personal Spa Handcrafted Marble Stone Sets
Headache Relief Marble Stone
Nestle this marble stone in the back of your to alleviate headaches, ease neck tension and cool down the "hot flashes"

This C shaped marble stone is also great for massaging tense, sore points in the neck and shoulders.
This beautiful marble stone is handcrafted with light green and brown marble.
SIZE: 5.5" L x 2.5" W x 1.5" T tucked away in a beautiful satin bag.

Puffy Marble Eye Stones - White
Get Rid of Headaches & Swelling Naturally
Use what nature provided to reducing swollen eye bags and relieve mild headaches.
Just place these marble stones on your eyelids or beneath the eyes to help reduce swelling while also toning the muscles around the eye are