Vibroacoustic Tables

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Transportable Folding Table w/ Amplifier: $2499

We are pleased to introduce a
New portable version of our Sound Massage Table which has the same
New Technology Transducers used in our other Sound Tables, Chairs and Mats.

All Vibroacoustic Portable tables are based on our New Wave II Hardwood model.

The advanced technology transducers in all of our Sound Tables
are considered by many as the best vibroacoustic transducers made.
With these advanced technology transducers the vibrations in the table are
incredibly accurate and smooth. They are highly reliable and produce very little heat,
unlike inexpensive transducers. Laying on one of these tables,
you become one with the music and vibration in a way not possible before.
The vibration is delivered so cleanly that the brain interprets the stimulus as
Sound, not Shaking. The Sound is felt from 10 hz to nearly 1200 hz and
a full spectrum of audio is heard.

Imagine ... would you rather be putting the vibrations into your and your clients body from that
car that you can hear and feel coming blocks away (old style transducers) ...
or from a full spectrum Symphony?

The cells of our bodies 'sing' to each other, a form of intracellular communication,
and do it most effectively in the range 100 to 1000 Hertz
(from the he work of James Gimzewski of UCLA, California).

Transducer positioning in each of our custom built tables is individually determined using the
PHI ratio or Golden Mean in combination with sound nodes in the diaphragm of the table.
Does this make a difference? Our experience says YES!!!

Provided with the InnerSoul Transportable Table are your choice of
4 of our VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) Frequency CDs.
Choose from the Pain Management, Human Body,
Muscle & Structural or Energy and Balancing Series of
VAT Frequency CDs.

3 VAM (Vibroacoustic Music) Sampler CDs are also included -
An excellent sampling of the variety of CD options created for
sound tables, mats and chairs available today.

Your Sound Table includes a profesional stereo reference amplifier
to control the Transducers in your Sound Table.
It requires a source (cd, mp3, computer, etc.) for your music or frequencies.

The setup can be as simple as plugging your mp3 p