VLP - Vinyl Repair

VLP, Vinyl / Leather Repair

VLP: is a clear, high strength, tear repair, designed to mend rips, tears and small holes on most types of flexible vinyl surfaces. VLP is supplied in an easy to use, air dry formula that dries clear and blends with all colored vinyls. VLP actually dissolves the surface of the vinyl and creates an excellent bond when completely dry. On porous fabrics, VLP can be used the same as on vinyl but actually penetrates the pores and creates an excellent mechanical bond. VLP is typically used on vinyl furniture, awnings, tarps, vinyl sheeting, luggage, rain wear, boots, etc. Because of its' bonding and tensile strength, VLP also acts as a "back up" to sewn vinyl seams when applied to the backside of the seam in production.

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Solids: (wt) 18%
Temperature use range: -10°F to 200°F
Tensile: (ASTM D-882) 2,900psi
Bond strength: (ASTM D-882) 26.02 # load
Elongation: (ASTM D-882) 240%
Dry color: clear
Viscosity range: 1,200-2,500 cps
Coverage: 60 sq. ft. per gal at 5 mils
Shelf life: 1+ year at 77°F

All surfaces to be glued must be free of all oils, dust or other foreign matter. Lightly wipe down vinyl with alcohol and let dry.

CAUTION: If VLP is smeared on vinyl, it can discolor or remove colorant from vinyl.

1. Small tears and splits require a light bead application of VLP. Allow 30 minutes to dry
and repeat. Allow 4 hours dry time for maximum strength.
2. Long tears and splits require the vinyl to be pulled together and stitched with masking
tape every 1″ to 2″. Apply a light bead application of VLP to untaped areas and allow
a minimum of 4 hour to dry. Carefully remove masking tape and apply a light bead
application to entire repair. Allow 4 hours dry time before use or 4 hour and repeat; then
allow 4 hours dry time for maximum strength.
3. For small holes: Apply a few drops of VLP and allow to dry 1 hour before use.
4. To conceal repair, apply a small amount of VLP to a lint free cloth and dab lightly onto
dried VLP repair until gloss is removed.


Price: $13.95