T Spheres


"The beauty of t spheres is their versatility and unique design! Whether you're at home, sitting in your office, at the movies, or even on a plane, they are lightweight and small enough to travel with you. Take your health into your own hands now with these amazing little power massage balls.
Dr. Jane Greer / Psychotherapist and Host of "Doctor On Call"


Always on the go,
Frequent flyer,
looking for a healthy
way to self-soothe

Always ready to roll,
perfect little
travel companions,
your remedy

More than a massage ball:
Massage & aromatherapy in one portable product, 
t spheres are innovative and unique self-massage tools born from over 15 years of research and development. This natural way to relieve pain from the body uses the two most scientifically researched alternative methods for stress relief. The infusion of aromatherapy essential oils into purified, perfectly weighted organic rubber compound has never been accomplished before, making t spheres the only massage ball with both beneficial attributes. Each set comes with a spray-top re-infuser and simple ‘how to use’ pictorial instructions in a travel bag.

Upper Back + Shoulder Girdle 
Foot Pain + Plantar Fasciiitis
Piriformis + Sciatica
Shoulder + Spinal Health
Seated + Yogamassage
An interview with Stephanie

Created by a professional massage therapist:
Stephanie Whittier LMT, CST has been practicing massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and studying movement in relationship to pain relief for over 17 years. Her extensive education, diverse clientele and constant travels for her work led her to the invention of t spheres.

Aromatherapy + Massage:
Aromatherapy is released from t spheres upon contact. This enables the central nervous system to respond to stress levels naturally. Each set brings with it specific beneficial qualities. The breath is key to releasing tension and the aromatherapy aspect of t spheres reminds your body to breathe while you self-massage.

Additional ways to use your t spheres®:
Hot massage: Boil for 5 minute