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Crescent Face Cradle Cover

Made of SnugSoft Imperial 1-1/4" pile, these machine washable face cradle covers measure 14" X 14". Made in USA.

Flat Sheet

Our Standard Width Flat Sheet is made with our 100% Cotton Flannel material. It measures 45 "x 90" before shrinkage. This size provides ample coverage for most clients without a lot of extra material getting in your way. This size will also allow you to fit more sheets into a load of laundry. This saves not only money but valuable energy.

Our Flat Sheets are made out of our 100% cotton flannel material.

Fitted Sheet

Our Fitted Sheets are made to fit Massage Tables 28" - 33" wide and 70" - 74" long.

The corners are double stitched for extra durability. Our fitted sheets have an elastic on each end to make for easy placement on the table. Just hook one end on then go around to the other end of your table and pull gently and slip the other end over the corners. No knotting sheets or loose flat sheets sliding all over.

The elastics are sewn inside the hem unlike some of the less expensive brands, that have the elastics only sewn along the edge of the fabric. Our internal elastic is protected and outlasts the tacked on exposed elastics.

Our sheets are made out of our 100% cotton flannel material.

Snug Fleece Deluxe

The Snug fleece cover adds amazing pure wool comfort with the convenience of easy care to most sized massage tables. Pure American wool is knitted into a poly backing for the ultimate massage experience. Machine wash/dry. 30" x 73". 1" pile height.

Snug Fleece Elite

The Snug Fleece Imperial is a machine washable line with a 1-1/2" pile height. The merino wool is knitted through a durable backing that allows the added convenience of machine washing. Measures 30 x 73". Fits tables up to 14" deep. Wash in cold water and machine dry-low or line dry. Made in USA.

Bodychoice Warming Pad

One of the most common complaints heard by bodyworkers, especially when the client first gets into position on their massage table, is how cold the table's surface feels on the client's bare skin. This pad can rapidly eliminate that problem. This fleece warming pad is 68 inches by 26 inches. Because it is comfortable and soft to the skin, it can be used during the massage, or before the practice to heat up the massage table's surface 

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